DMX Controllers Emulation Pro



Emulation Pro (Comming soon)

Emulation Pro is a free download, available for Windows, Mac & Linux. It can be installed on multiple computers; the one connected to the ART SSC hardware becomes ‘live’, also enabling all hardware interfaces like general purpose input- and output ports, SMPTE time code and DMX in and out. The Emulation Pro user interface is designed with touch screens in mind. Speedy programming of lighting cues and matrixes is possible using the freely programmable, direct access group and palette buttons. A TouchOSC template is available to mimic all functions of the software on an iOS device - a fully functional Emulation Pro remote control! Emulation Pro features an extensive matrix pixel mapper for creating beautiful matrix effects. Some examples of effects that come with the software are twinkle, sinus, confetti, vortex, rainbow and text generator. These effects can be modified as well, changing parameters like density, shape, speed, etc. Once created, the software can calculate a seamless loop that can be automatically spanned across multiple ART SSCs. When copied to the ART SSCs, one can remove the computer with Emula¬tion Pro, leaving the network with ART SSCs connected on site, thus facilitating unattended playback of complex matrix patterns. An Emulation Pro system is an excellent solution for media façades, shopping malls and other architectural projects. Emulation Pro can be tightly integrated in other media systems as well. Using a choice of time code sources, events can be synchronized with lighting cues. UDP mes¬sages sent over the network can be used to synchronize lighting with media players and video content. The software also includes a powerful time line editor, as an alternative to the industry standard cuelist system. In fact any part of the Emulation Pro user interface can be activated by external triggers.


Cross platformWindows, Mac OS & Ubuntu Linux
Hardware platformART SSC, ART IO, ART B6
ControlEthernet connected
Physical interfaces
Network interfacesOSC, UDP, IP, Art-Net
Compatible withaTouch, TouchOSC, third party MIDI devices