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Model : DMX-ART-02AE

The ART IO is an expansion module in the ART SSC product family of solid-state lighting controllers. It offers interfacing to digital and analogue inputs and digital outputs and supports various protocols like DMX, RS-232, OSC, UDP and Art-Net.

The ART IO features 8 inputs that can be individually configured as digital or analogue input. Set as digital input, it allows for an easy connection with for example physical switches and sensors. When set to analogue, it supports 0-10V and 1-10V inputs; ideal for connecting to household dimmers. 

The 8 outputs on the ART IO are relay-switched and can handle 1 Amp. The digital outputs can be used to switched various other devices like A/V equipment, blinds or heavy-duty relays. 

Additionally, the ART IO is fitted with a DMX-512 port that can be configured as input or output, and a bi-directional RS-232 port. Through its network port, the ART IO also supports OSC, UDP and Art-Net protocols that can be used for triggering and conversion. The ART IO comes with its own power supply, but can be powered over Ethernet as well, using Class I PoE switches.

The compact and versatile ART IO is the ideal expansion for the ART SSC in projects that demand more IO. Furthermore, ART IO is equally well suited for standalone IO interfacing or working together with any third-party show control system.

Show Control
With lighting projects becoming more complex every day, the ART SSC features powerful Show Control logic for advanced system integration. This allows for interaction with other types of equipment and controllers. The Show Control editor enables you to program triggers and actions based on events from scheduled dates or times, time code, contact closures or any other incoming signal.

Protocol conversions
The Show Control editor also allows for powerful protocol conversions between any physical port, like DMX, analogue/digital port and any Ethernet based protocol like Art-Net, UDP or OSC.

DIN-rail ready
The enclosure is prepared for DIN-rail mounting with an optional adapter.

Power Cable Retainer
A special feature to secure your power cable to the enclosure.


Inputs8, either analogue or digital
Outputs8, relay switched, 3 Amp. each
DMX1 universe/512 channels 
DMX portOpto-isolated, configurable as in- or output
ArtnetArt-net output and input
OSCOSC output and input
Show Control functionConnects any input to any output              
Dimensions170 (L) x 100 (W) x 38 (H) mm
ListingCE certified
Ingress Protection RatingIP20
aTouch compatibleFree of Charge software for Windows or Mac OS


Product Guide DOWNLOAD


Software A-Manager v1.3.94 Windows+Mac DOWNLOAD


DMX-ART-02AEART IO input/output interface module (VDE)