The ART B6 is a wall-mount button panel with 6 push-buttons. It can remote control any function within the ART SSC. The buttons are back-lit and can provide visual feed¬back, for example, to indicate the selected cue or active show. Multiple Art B6s can be networked together. The Art B6 supports various open protocols like OSC, UDP and Art-Net. This allows it to be integrated with other 3rd party net¬workbased systems as well, e.g. audio, video or show control systems. For small architectural projects, the Art B6 contains an inbuilt lighting controller that is capable of programming 32 fixtures and a maximum of 768 cues. The lighting can be divided into 6 individually controlled zones. This stand-alone controller even features an FX generator for e!ects like sinus, rainbow, twinkle, random strobe, etc. All programming is done via the web-interface, no additional client software is required.


Power InputPower-over Ethernet only
DMX output1 x DMX-512 opto-isolated Output
OSCOSC Output and Input
Cues6 cue list/zones, 768 cues
Dimensions128 (L) x 85 (W) x 34 (H) mm
ListingCE Certified
Ingress Protection RatingIP20