27 OF November 2017 Timeless Beauty Shines at Night

Acclaim Lighting and its distributor for Ecuador Salotec Luminoplastia, Illuminate the historical structure.


Named after a native chief and his wife who preferred to end their lives rather than surrender to the invading Spaniards, Guayaquil, Ecuador features a Moorish Clock Tower that is a timeless beauty which attracts thousands of visitors each year. The tower itself isn’t as old as the clock it houses, but the structure has cemented itself as a main tourist attraction, especially at night with a new colorful lighting scheme.


The clock was imported from England and was installed into a small tower in 1842. In the early 1900s, the clock was moved from City Hall, which was slated for destruction, to a three story wooden tower near Town Hall, closer to the shore. Unfortunately, due to weather and the erosion from the washing of the waves, the wooden structure was demolished and a new brick tower was erected. 


Inspired by Moorish architecture, the structure rises up four floors from an octagonal base to a dome with a height of around 30 meters. The building is decorated with azulejo, painted ceramic tilework, and is located on the Malecon, a popular city boardwalk lined with historical monuments, museums and gardens. 


The municipality of the city through The Foundation XXI Century requires the installation of a lighting system for the structure.


Illuminating the Moorish Clock Tower

In coordination with MTE Mantenimiento Técnico Especializado, Salotec Luminoplastia, Ecuador's local architectural lighting company, was in charge of designing and installing a dynamic lighting system to illuminate the tower at night. Due to the height of the building and the tall trees surrounding the structure, the team could not use poles or place visible elements in the environment.


To highlight the history and create an all-encompassing lighting system, Monica Velasco and Miguel Salomón, Salotec Luminoplastia designers, needed to find versatile lighting products to illuminate the 30 meter tall tower. The team reviewed numerous products that could provide precise, color changing capabilities and the ability for control-driven lighting to enable scheduled and intricate lighting schemes. 

Based on their extensive research, Salotec Luminoplastia specified high-efficient, architecture LED products from Los Angeles-based Acclaim Lighting. 


“We specified Acclaim Lighting products based on their excellent quality and durability, as well as an indispensable, efficient and fast technical support,” said Monica Velasco, Salotec Luminoplastia. 

"The new lighting scheme produced a beautiful and colorful result, obtaining the approval of the client and the happiness of the citizen. The tower is illuminated like never before."


Salotec Luminoplastia achieved its vision of illuminating the statue at night with complete satisfaction. Each product specifically met a specific need. Also, all of the LED products specified were IP66-rated for wet locations. 


Eight Dyna Accent fixtures were chosen based on the design, performance, IP-rating and quality requirements. The high output, outdoor-rated flood fixtures with DMX and RDM drivers highlight the dome, offering color-changing capabilities. They provides 1,423 lumens at 4,000K and maintain 70 percent of its lumens at 150,000 hours. Custom to the application, Dyna Accent fixtures offer a beam angle of 6, 20, 40, 60 and 10x60 degree spread lens options for precise lighting placement without creating light pollution. 


To light the interiors and clocks, four Dyna Flood white, eight RGB floor luminaires with adjustable angle and 24 RGBW LED luminaries were installed. The quad color technology, auto switching multi-voltage power supply and on-board touch sensitive menu allows for dynamic illumination in the tower, while balancing the lighting on the building’s exterior. The Dyne Flood fixtures provide 1,176 lumens at 4,000K and maintain 70 percent at 50,000 hours with a power consumption of 25 watts.  The products were chosen for the power and opening at short distances, with the capability to pivot 180 degrees to set the exact angle needed. 


In addition, two Dyna Drum SO fixtures positioned side-by-side were installed in the exterior grounds with 15 millimeter tempered glass. The fixture provides 4,656 lumens at RGBW and maintains 70 percent of its lumens at 120,000 hours. Built with an excellent system of heat dissipation and ideal for facade lighting applications, the built-in lighting does not interfere with the landscape or surroundings areas of the tower.  The Dyna Drum SO fixtures brighten the exterior with color changing capabilities. 

The lighting scheme for the Moorish Clock Tower is controlled by the ART500, a touch panel DMX controller with 1,024 DMX channels and 500 preset scenes. The controller is designed for RGB and RGBW lighting products and features a PWM output which can directly drive 12-24VDC LED fixtures. It allows four programmable static color presets and a manual speed and dimmer function, enabling the most effective control system for the tower. 


The Moorish Clock Tower brightens the night with intricate color schemes, coordinated for special holidays and occasions. Citizens and tourists alike can enjoy its beauty illuminating through the darkness. 



The Moorish Clock Tower Project


Designers: Salotec Luminoplastia, Ecuador 

Lighting Provider: Acclaim Lighting, Los Angeles