25 OF March 2013 Expand Your Command!

Versatile Digital/Analog ART IO Also Works As Standalone In/Out Interface
Or With Any 3rd-Party Show Control System
LOS ANGELES –  Since it was introduced over a year ago, Acclaim Lighting’s ART SSC controller has been praised for providing an easy, flexible solution for total solid-state lighting control, appearing in some very challenging applications such as the 2013 Mardi Gras parade.   Now Acclaim is offering ART SSC users the added flexibility of being able to control larger, more demanding projects that require a greater number of inputs and outputs, with the new ART IO digital/analog expansion module.
Ideal for use with the ART SSC, the ART IO is an input/output interface module that is equipped with 8 digital/analog switchable inputs and 8 relay-switched digital outputs.  Designed to offer great versatility, it supports a number of different protocols, including DMX, RS-232, OSC, UDP and Art-Net.
Each of the ART IO’s inputs can be individually configured as digital or analog, allowing it to handle a variety of different types of equipment simultaneously.  When an input is in digital mode, for example, it can easily connect to physical switches and sensors, whereas in analog mode it will support 1-10V inputs such as house dimmers. The ART IO’s 8 outputs can be used to switch on/off other equipment such as A/V gear, motorized blinds and heavy-duty relays, allowing for total integration of these devices into a single module of control.
Along with being used as an expansion module for the ART SSC, the versatile ART IO can function as a standalone in/out interface, and it will also work well with any third-party show control system. This compact unit is the perfect control partner for a wide range of applications – from permanent installations and architectural lighting, to museums, theme parks, cruise ships and dining/entertainment venues.
“Lighting designs are expanding in size and scope, and so too is the need for controlling them efficiently,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Acclaim Lighting.  “This is why we have added the ART IO expansion module to our ART SSC product family of solid-state lighting controllers.  It gives ART SSC users more inputs and outputs to work with, so they can handle larger, more complex projects, even ones that span both the digital and analog realms. Plus, you can use the ART IO for standalone in/out interfacing or with another show controller.  This convenient, user-friendly module is very adaptable to your needs.”
In addition to its 8 inputs and outputs, the ART IO is equipped with a DMX-512 port that can be configured is an input or output, and a bi-directional RS-232 port.  It also has an Art-Net feature that supports 1 universe out and 1 universe in, each of which can be mapped to any of the 256 universes available in Art-Net Protocol.  Additionally, the ART IO is compatible with the eTouch software application, making it great for use with Touch Screens in fixed installations.
The ART IO also offers flexible mounting options – it can be used as a desktop devise or DIN rail mounted.  It can be secured with a Kensington style lock.
To make it easy as possible for ART SSC users to work with the ART IO, the new module’s web-interface features a Show Control page that’s very similar to the one in the original ART SSC.  “We designed the ART IO to be a virtually seamless addition to the ART SSC. It gives this already very flexible controller even greater flexibility,” said Loader.
The original ART SSC’s flexibility was spectacularly demonstrated recently during the 2013 Mardi Gras parade. Nine ART SSC units were used to run the light show on the 330’ Ponchartrain Beach Float, said to be the largest float in Mardi Gras history, comprised of nine individual cars.  What made the ART SSC so well-suited for the application was that one unit could be used to control the lights on all of the float’s cars, or each unit could control its own car individually. This capability came into display in dramatic fashion when the massive float couldn’t make an exceptionally narrow turn along the parade route and had to be taken apart.  The ART SSC controllers continued to control the lights on all the cars even when they weren’t connected together.
For more information on the new ART IO Expansion Module or the original ART SSC Solid-State Controller, contact Acclaim Lighting at 323-213-4626 or visit www.acclaimlighting.com