3 OF March 2016 Acclaim Lighting Introduces Ai Dim

Ai Dim + Ai Cove

LOS ANGELES (March 3, 2016) – Acclaim Lighting, a leader in innovative and advanced solid lighting technology, announces its latest innovation to the solid state LED lighting market, Ai Dim. Abbreviated for Acclaim intelligent dimming, Ai Dim is the combination of a finely tuned dimming curve and a specific grouping of LEDs, which results in a near perfect representation of incandescent dimming.  Acclaim meticulously designed every detail of the Ai Dim system, from the custom LED chipset and driver to the smooth dimming curve, which brings the best of LED and incandescent lighting together.

Ai Dim features best in class color range from 1800K at the low end and 3000K at full output with a minimum CRI of 90. Best of all, Ai Dim has been engineered to provide maximum value for each fixture, providing a fixture cost that makes sense for every project while retaining the advantages of LED in modern commercial buildings. The available dimming protocols for Ai Dim include TRIAC (forward phase), ELV (reverse phase), 0-10V, and DMX. 0-10V and DMX are provided via an external Universal Dimming Module.

Acclaim is also proud to introduce the very first fixture with Ai Dim technology, Ai Cove. Ai Cove will provide a new standard for LED cove lighting, in both appearance and value. Ai Cove and Ai Dim technology will be showcased at Light + Building in Frankfurt from March 13-18, 2016. For more details about Ai Cove, please visit acclaimlighting.com.


More info on Ai Cove here: