12 OF June 2014 Dyna Drum HO & HO QW™

Quad-Color or Single Color LED Technology for facade and large-scale area flood illumination.

30 OF December 2013 Lighting The Way

Billed as the city's most sought-after address at the gateway to Beverly Hills, 8550, on Burton Way in Los Angeles, features 87 one-and two-bedroom suites. And Flex WP RGB strip from Acclaim Lighting adds the exclamation point.  Rising eight...

30 OF December 2013 Illuminating AKA Beverly Hills

Situated in Los Angeles at Crescent Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, AKA Beverly Hills is an exclusive, contemporary residential oasis within the well-known Golden Triangle. Illuminating this prestigious property are DynaCove and DynaGraze fixtures...

30 OF December 2013 White Paper: Quad vs. Single Color Chips

In the world of LED lighting for architectural use, single-chip/single-lens red-green-blue (RGB) fixtures typically get the call based primarily on lumen output. Not so fast...given numerous advantages, quad-lens fixtures can provide the best fit,...

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