Discontinued products Flex II Interior



Model: FLEX2I

Flex II Interior is a thin and flexible LED circuit strip, in a 16.4’ spool. It can be cut every two inches to create the exact length needed for your specific application. It is available in 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, & 4000K, is 3W per foot, and features a lumen output of 303 per foot (@ 4000K). The combination of it’s high output and low profile allows for a wide variety of cove, millwork, signage, and many other applications.


System 12Vdc  PWM  (2-wire)
Max in Chain1 pc / 16.4'
Cabling System2-wire DC cable
DimmingLow Voltage Magnetic (M-Series) or DMX
DMX ChannelsControled by 1  DMX Channel
Addressing DMX Via AL Dimmer 1 Pro (optional)
Power requirements12VDC
Power Consumption50W @ 16.4' / Minimum 3W per foot
Light Source SMD  
Length16.4' / 5m
Cut & Solder JointsLocated Every 2”
Weight1 lb / 0.5 kg
HousingCopper Strip with 3M Adhesive 
Warranty 3  Years
Operating Temp.32º F - 104ºF / 0 °C - +40 °C
IncludingBare Wire Connection Adapter


Model NumberFixture 
FLEX2I24Flex II Interior 2400K 16.4' 


Flex II Interior 2700K 16.4'
FLEX2I3Flex II Interior 3000K 16.4'
FLEX2I35Flex II Interior 3500K 16.4'
FLEX2I4Flex II Interior 4000K 16.4'